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Exclusive Partnership


First chance to interview graduates

A rotating, six week schedule of CNA classes means we continually have CNAs ready for work. You’ll get the first interviews with our upcoming graduates.

Decreased agency dependency


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Paramount 360 ‍‍‍‍‍

2140 South 55th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53219


‍‍‍we can work with you

The staffing-only services

The training-only services

Find and interview the people you know will be culture fits and desire to become CNAs. Enroll them into CNA courses at Paramount 360 ‍‍‍and we’ll get them certified.

No cost after 160 days temp-to-perm

You shouldn’t be penalized for liking your newest employee. If you want to make your CNA from Paramount 360 ‍‍‍permanent after 160 days, you do so at no additional cost!


Companies who utilize the Paramount 360‍‍‍ partnership decrease their agency use by 50% on average, saving them time and money in finding permanent healthcare professionals.

We find people, take them through courses, and qualify them for your workforce. You will gain full‍‍‍ access to all Paramount 360‍‍‍ services.

The full partnership

Work directly with our partners‍‍‍ to find and recruit the best healthcare professionals throughout ‍‍‍the area, regardless of where they were educated.


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