Medication Administration (CBRF)

Course Overview

DHS 83.20 (2)(d): Training of Medication Administration is provided for unlicensed staff in order to administer oral and topical medications in programs defined by DHS 83.20 (2)(d) Medication Administration and Management. Any employee who manages, administers or assists residents with prescribed or over-the-counter medications shall complete training in medication administration and management prior to assuming these job duties.

  • Medication classifications
  • State statues in relation to medication administration and management
  • Medication terminology and abbreviations
  • Forms and routes of medications
  • How to apply the "six rights" for administering medications
  • Safety, accuracy and privacy in the administration and management of medications


12 training hours will be awarded upon completion of this class.


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This state-approved course for medication administration is intended to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely administer medications in a CBRF setting.


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