Standard Precautions (CBRF)

Course Overview

DHS 83.20 (2)(a): All employees who may be occupationally exposed to blood, body fluids or other moist body‍‍‍ substances, including mucous membranes, non-intact skin, secretions, and excretions except sweat, whether or not they contain visible blood shall successfully complete training in standard precautions before the employee assumes any responsibilities that may expose the employee to such material.

* This state-approved course for standard precautions is taught according to OSHA standards.

  • Learn about standard precautions and why they are important in your work
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety material needed when dealing with blood-bourne pathogens and other ways of transferring disease
  • Washing hands, wearing gloves, controlling the transmission of disease


2 training hours will be awarded upon completion of this class.


Call 414.257.0701 for pricing (group discounts available).

This training course is designed specifically for community-based residential ‍‍‍facilities (CBRF). This training can be used as an opportunity to refresh your own skills or train new staff as they join your team.


In order to be eligible for state registry, all participants must pass a required test.


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